The following 'Frequently Asked Questions' would be helpful in understanding our guidelines and procedures. Hope you may find answers to your queries here. In case you still have questions, please don't hesitate to write an email to us.


Q. What are the participation categories?

We have broadly 3 categories, i.e. Presenter (Oral, Poster, and Video), Listener (without paper presentation), and Absentia (without actually coming to the conference; participation as virtual presenter). You may apply in any of them as per your choice.


Q. What makes this conference different from others?

The following points highlight the key features that make this conference interesting and worth attending:

Real networking and socializing:

  • Our conference engages participants for real networking experiences.
  • We arrange the entire conference in such a way that participants may interact with each other freely through team building activities/ socializing during breaks/ research collaboration activity.
  • We try and add each participant to our LinkedIn Account/ Facebook Page, so that all of us may have long term and everlasting friendly relations.


Presentation modes and options (Oral, Poster and Video)

You may present in three ways and we treat all the ways to be equal.

Oral presentation: You have to just bring your presentation in a PowerPoint format (we encourage short video files which would make presentation interesting). Each presenter will get a maximum of 15 minutes for presentation, which includes set-up time and 2-3 minutes of Q & A session.

Poster presentation: All you have to do is to make a poster on soft copy/ hard copy (Ideally 2 feet x 3 feet). We would project the soft copy on the LCD projector for 5-10 minutes. If the author brings the printed poster, we would be attaching it to the display board/ display wall. The poster may be explained to the participants by the presenter.

Video presentation: You may just make a video of your paper presentation and bring it to the conference venue, where it will be played to the audience. You may take help of your friends/ colleagues/ students to present on your behalf in the video. The video must be shot in proper lighting and due care must be taken for its audio and video clarity. This video should not be of more than 10 minutes and you should be physically available to solve the queries.

Prompt and hassle free services

This is one of our most appealing strength.

We reply to the emails promptly and understand the need of our participants. Our staff makes all efforts to make the things hassle free and add value to our participants.

Guaranteed Publication Opportunity

All accepted original research papers in English Language, will be published in selected journals as per the publication policy, as available on conference website. Once you receive the Invitation/ Acceptance letter, that means your full paper is also accepted for publication in an International Journal, if you follow our instructions/ guidelines.

Conference Proceedings

All accepted abstracts are published in the conference proceedings, which is available on the conference page for download on the conference day.

Use of Regional Languages

Separate Technical Sessions may be arranged in other languages like Thai/ Malay/ Persian/ Chinese/ European Languages (if there are 5 or more participants of the same dialect.)

Multiple/Flexible Participation Modes

You may participate as Presenter, even if you do not want to submit your full paper to us. You may only submit your “Abstract”. We also allow Published work, Synopsis, Dissertation, and Research Proposals. Those who do not want to physically participate they may opt for Absentia/ Virtual Participation mode. For participants who do not want to present or they do not have Paper/ Abstract for presentation, have the option to participate as Listener.


Q. What is the publication process?

All accepted original research papers in English Language, will be published in selected journals as per the publication policy, as available on the conference website. Once you receive the Invitation/ Acceptance letter, that means your full paper is also accepted for publication in an International Journal, if you follow the communicated editorial instructions/ guidelines.

The journal publication will be peer reviewed, checked for plagiarism, indexed, archived, open access, referenced by CrossRef and will carry ISSN number and DOI. 

Even if your full paper is not yet ready, you may participate in the desired conference with your abstract. The abstract must contain following:

  • Article title
  • Full Names/ Emails/ Affiliations of the authors
  • Abstract in 100-300 words
  • 3-7 Keywords

You may update your submitted abstract/ title/ co-authors/ submit your full-paper on a later stage (before the conference).

You may submit your full original paper for publication in the conference journal, when it is complete, till the conference date. The last date of submission is the conference day itself. While submitting the full paper, please provide following in the email:

  • Full paper in MS Word format.
  • Details of 2 reviewers with their names, affiliations, contact number and email IDs (If possible send two emails for each reviewer).
  • Duly filled and scanned consent form with handwritten signature.  


We follow the following steps for publication in our associated International Journals. The publication process takes around 70 days, starting from the end of the conference.

  1. A list of registered papers is sent to all the participants of the conference within a week's time after the conference. Please see, if your paper is included in the list. If not, please write back to us for inclusion. This list would also mention for any deficiency/incompleteness found in the submitted paper. You would be given 10 days to return your complete papers/ required information.
  1. After this, the editorial team would send all complete papers for the review (usually 5-7 reviewers). The review process takes around 30 days.
  1. Following this, our editor would send the editorial comments/ suggestions to the corresponding author. Please improve the paper as indicated in the review and send it back to us within 10 days.
  1. If the paper received is complete in all regards as per the comments/ suggestions, it would be sent for final publication, else we would send it again to you and finally 5 days would be given to you for its improvement.
  1. Finally the paper is published and the authors are informed about the published paper by email, which contains the paper URL, DOI, Citation and other related information..


If you fail to meet the deadlines/ correct the paper as per review comments, the paper may be rejected or it will be postponed for publication in the next issue. Normally, the entire process takes around 70 days.

Authors may request the conference secretariat for withdrawing their paper, for publishing it elsewhere (in the journal of their choice). In such cases, the requested papers are removed from the publication process. The withdrawal requests may be given to the conference secretariat before the commencement of the publication process (7 days after the conference).


Q. What is your Plagiarism and Retraction Policy?

The ethics statements for GRDS International Conference are based on the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) Code of Conduct guidelines available at www.publicationethics.org

All accepted papers will be checked for plagiarism using iThenticate (Turnitin Software). The acceptable plagiarism level is upto 20%. Plagiarism report will be sent to the author, if the manuscript is detected with plagiarism levels higher than accepted limits. The author needs to take corrective measures, so as to, bring the plagiarism below 20%, and resend the manuscript to the editor. The conference secretariat will not publish any paper, which fails in these criteria.

The published papers are also submitted to ‘CrossMark Metadata’. CrossMark allows scholars to easily identify instances of documents that are being actively maintained by their publishers. The appearances of a CrossMark logo on the published paper indicates that the publisher is taking care of or stewarding it through any updates, corrections, retractions, or other changes.

Even after publication, if the paper is found/ reported of plagiarism or false science, the author would be sent a ‘Retraction Notice’, and the paper will be revised/ retracted from the journal (according to the given situation).


Q. Why should I attend?

  • You would be interacting with intellectuals across the globe. This may result into strong network which is utmost important in today’s competitive world.
  • In-depth learning of subjects and phenomena within your domain and interest areas. You would be enhancing your academic credentials and standing.
  • Development of ideas, expression and perspectives from personal experience and environment is our utmost concern.
  • Develop the confidence within you. We understand and realize this point to a great extent and we try hard to boost and support the participant by understanding the presenters’ state of mind.
  • You may enjoy Academic tourism. We have deep concern for this and we are flexible to a great extent for developing academic tourism. We always organize our conferences in tourist destinations and also guide our participants for making best use of time and resources.
  • You may avail sponsorship from your University/ Institution/ Company/ Government for your participation and travel expenses.


Q. How do I submit an abstract/ full paper/ application form?

Please fill the 'ONLINE CONFERENCE APPLICATION FORM' available on the conference website. Presenters should submit their Article/ Abstract and Photograph. Listeners are only required to submit their latest photo.

Or, just email on conference contact mail as given on the conference website. Please mention author names, affiliation, conference name/ date/ location and contact information clearly. Abstract should be in Microsoft word file. At this stage the abstract does not have a fixed format/template. Please read the ’Author Guidelines’ given in each conference microsite for more details.


Q. What is the language used as the medium of this International Conference?

As this is an international conference, the general language for communication is English. Separate Technical Sessions may be arranged in other languages like Thai/ Malay/ Persian/ Chinese/ European Languages (if there are 5 or more participants of the same dialect.)

Only articles in English Language are eligible for journal publication.

Abstracts in English and other languages will be included in the conference proceedings.


Q. May I register/ submit more than 1 paper?

You may register for more than 1 paper (eg. 2, 3 or 4 papers). Please visit the registration page of our event website for fee details for submission of additional papers.


Q. I have submitted my abstract/ full paper but have not received confirmation, what should I do?

Please resubmit your abstract as soon as possible! There may be a number of reasons, why you have not received your Confirmation/ Acknowledgement. This could be due to:

  • Email Delay
  • Wrong Email ID
  • Blocking of our email by your Email server


In any case, please contact the Conference Secretariat in order to check the status of your submission. Please don't presume that we have received your abstract successfully, until you have received acknowledgement from us.

In case of any ambiguity, please feel free to contact the conference secretariat at the provided email address in the contact page of conference website.


Q. When should I submit my abstract/ full paper?

Even if your full paper is not yet ready, you may participate in the desired conference with your abstract. The abstract must contain following:

  • Article title
  • Full Names/ Emails/ Affiliations of the authors
  • Abstract in 100-300 words
  • 3-7 Keywords


You may update your submitted abstract/ title/ co-authors/ submit your full-paper on a later stage (before the conference).

The sooner you apply for the conference, the better and more comfortable it will be for both participant and the organizers. As the conference has limited seats, the submissions received after filling the seats will be declined or deferred. Please read the publication Process section in FAQ for more details.


Q. I am unable to attend the conference. Can I still submit my abstract for publication in the conference program booklet?

Yes, you may still submit an article, without physically attending the conference. Such submissions will be included in the Conference Proceedings and the registration can be done in ‘absentia’ category.

The submitted paper will be considered for journal publication, as per the journal policies, and the author will be provided with participation certificate and receipt through email and post.


Q. What does registration fee cover?

Registration Fee includes:

  • Participation in the technical program
  • Lunch and coffee breaks
  • International journal publication of original papers, accepted for publication
  • No charge for extra pages in publication
  • Conference accessories
  • Conference e-Proceedings
  • Certificate of Participation
  • Life-time membership of the scholarly association


Q. I have done the registration payment and have received an electronic receipt. What happens now?

You can confirm about your payment to the conference secretariat by writing an email. The participants will be provided with a hard-copy receipt at the conference venue.


Q. My abstract has been accepted for presentation. Do I have to register by a particular deadline?

Yes, if you are presenting an oral, poster or video presentation, it is absolutely essential that you register before the registration deadline as per the invoice provided to you.

The acceptance of your abstract is conditional to your “registration” to attend the conference. Your registration confirms the organizers that you will be attending the conference.

If you do not register by the author deadline, your presentation will be automatically removed from the program.

If the deadline is not suitable for you for whatever reasons, then please contact the Conference Secretariat in order to request to give some relaxation in deadlines (if possible).


Q. I have submitted my abstract, but now I realize that it contained a mistake and I need to revise it. Should I submit the abstract again? 

Yes. Please send an email to the Conference secretariat explaining the revision, and attach the revised abstract. Remember to quote your Registration ID in the email. Please do not fill the “Online Application form” again.


Q. Can I submit a research paper with co-authors?

Yes, you can submit a paper with not more than 6 co-authors. If co-authors are also attending our conference, then their registration fee is as mentioned on the registration page of the conference website.


Q. How do I book accommodation/ flight for the conference?

The participants are suggested to book the hotel/ accommodation of their choice and budget. You may use any booking website for the same. For example:


Q. Who should present the research paper?

The submitted paper should be presented in the conference by the registered researcher himself/ herself, or by his/ her nominee. You may choose to have oral, poster or video presentation based on your choice and convenience.


Q. What are the qualification requirements for presenting papers in this International Conference?

The participant need not to hold certain or specific qualification. i.e., individuals with or without PhD could present their research papers in this International conference. The Participants are generally a mix of Students, Academicians and Corporate Delegates.


Q. I do not have any funding and cannot pay to attend the conference, can the Committee waive my registration fee/ give me discount/ subsidize my expenses?

You may avail the Scholarship Scheme as mentioned on our website, if you are eligible for it. Unfortunately the conference organizers do not financially support delegate attendance. We wish you every success in your independent search for funding. Please note that, authors who have not registered themselves by the author registration deadline will have their presentation removed from the Program.


Q. What is your Scholarship Scheme?

In order to promote students and research scholars to participate in International Conference. 'Young Researcher Scholarship' is provided in form of full registration fee waiver. This scholarship will be given to 5 selected applicants for each conference.

Eligibility and Conditions:

  • The applicant should submit and present 'Original Research Work' in the conference.
  • The applicant's research work will be published in International Journal assigned by the conference committee, free of charge, if the author fulfils all the reviewer comments and suggestions within stipulated time.
  • The scholarship only gives full waiver of registration fee. The applicant needs to arrange for the travel, stay and other expenses on his/ her own. The selected candidates need to confirm their availability during the conference days.
  • The conference committee will select the application based on merit, and not on, first come first serve basis, also the committee reserves the rights to cancel the candidature of applicants found to be ineligible or unsuitable.
  • The applicant's age should not be more than 40 years.
  • The applicant should agree to become volunteer during the conference days.
  • The selected candidates will receive all privileges given to any other participant of the conference.


Usually due to large number of applications received for the scholarship award, the applicants are advised to apply in advance and to reply to all correspondence swiftly.


Email following details and documents to conference committee:

  • Full Name
  • Email Address
  • Affiliation
  • Research Title
  • Conference Full Name
  • Conference Dates and Location
  • Original Research Article in MS Word format
  • Passport Size Photo
  • CV
  • Scanned Copy of Student/ Research Scholar ID Card


The conference committee will send an acknowledgement on receiving your mail with appropriate details and documents. 


Q. I am unable to come to the registration session at the start of the conference. Can I register at a later stage?

We strongly advice the conference delegates to reach the conference venue on the presentation day at the start of the conference. But, it is possible to register at a later stage.


Q. How do I pay my registration fee?

PayPal (most recommended) details are given on the registration page. You just need a debit/credit card and an email address.

Wire Transfer: You may request us for our bank account details and pay the fee as per your invoice. Please note that additional charges apart from the registration fees are borne by the participant. Kindly send bank details request to our email. Do not forget to email us the bank wire transfer receipt. Otherwise, it will not be possible for us to trace your payment and confirm your participation.

On Spot Registration: Delegates from countries with financial restrictions on fund transfer (e.g., Iran) may inform the conference secretariat and submit the registration fee at the conference venue on arrival.

In such case, the delegate needs to do the following:

  • Fill the application form and receive the conference invitation letter and invoice.
  • Inform the conference secretariat on email about 'On Spot' payment.
  • Submit the copy of flight tickets to the conference location/ institute's letter for permission to attend the conference to the conference secretariat.
  • Submit the registration fee as per the Invoice to the conference coordinator at the venue.


Q. When should I pay for the registration fee?

Normally the acceptance of papers is responded from the reviewer panel and notified to the authors in 2-3 working days. Fee Invoice is also provided to the applicant along with the acceptance/ invitation letter. Please do the payment of Registration fee as per the invoice as soon as possible to secure your participation, as only a fixed number of participants are designated for any particular International Conference.

Conference Committee reserves all the rights to revise the registration fee/ close the registration process before the mentioned deadlines, on completion of required number of registrations.

You do not need to pay any fee at the time of filling “Online Application Form”. However, after receiving the acceptance/ invitation letter and the fee invoice, you should arrange to submit the registration fee as early as possible.


Q. I realize that I need to register by the author registration deadline, but I am still waiting to hear whether I have funding to attend. What should I do?

Please email us mentioning expected time for the release of funds. We would be happy to extend your deadlines.


Q. Is group registration entitled for the registration fees discount?

Yes, group registration is entitled for registration fees discount of USD 30 per head. There should be at least 3 individuals in a group. They should communicate and submit fee in a group and not on individual basis.


Q. Will I get a receipt when I arrive at the conference?

Yes, you will receive hard copy of receipt along with the participation certificate during the valediction of the conference. We may also send the scanned receipt to your email on your request.


Q. I have to cancel my place at the conference. Can a colleague attend in my place?

This is usually not a problem. Please inform the Conference secretariat in writing, about your details, plus the contact details of the person who will be attending in your place. A substitution can then be made, and no extra charge or cancellation penalty is incurred.


Q. I have to cancel my place at the conference completely and no one else from my organization can attend in my place. What do I need to do?

Please contact the Conference Secretariat in writing in order to cancel the place fully. Please see our cancellation policy for more details:

Cancellation Policy:

In case you are not able to attend and you have already paid the full registration fees, the following policy would be considered. You may choose any of the below mentioned options:

  • You may choose any upcoming GRDS conference in place of this one (which you are not able to attend). The fee submitted for the cancelled conference will be adjusted in the chosen conference’s fee.
  • If you are unable to attend the conference personally, then you may choose to participate in absentia category.
  • You may nominate any of your colleagues or friends to attend the conference in your place.
  • You may claim for 75 percent of fee refund 15 days before the conference dates. Only payments made through PayPal can be processed for a refund.
  • You would not be able to claim for any amount within 15 days of the conference dates.


Q. Are there any group travel arrangements for the conference, official air carriers or official travel agents? 

No, we have found from our experience that delegates prefer to make their own independent travel arrangements. In the age of Internet bookings, it is easier and more cost-efficient for you to find the most convenient travel option for yourself. The conference organizers do not provide shuttles from the airport to the conference venue.


Q. Do I need a visa to attend the conference, and if so, can the Conference Department help me with my entry visa application?

If you are unsure whether you need a visa to attend the conference, please check with your local embassy or travel agent. If you do, it is essential that you begin the process as soon as possible, in order that you obtain your visa in time for the conference or registration deadline.

Please visit this website for information on VISA: http://www.projectvisa.com/. Visa related information is also provided in the conference website.

Conference Secretariat will provide you with an official invitation for the conference, which is useful for getting conference VISA.

In many cases, participants can attend the conference on Tourist/ General Visit VISA. You can also contact a VISA agent in your locality to assist you.


Q. I need certificates for my co-authors too.

The certificate, which you would be awarded, would have the name of presenting authors only. If you require additional certificates for other co-authors as well, then an additional fee is applicable, as mentioned on our website in the ‘Registration and Payment’ page.


Q. How can I get the conference photos?

You can find all conference photos on the Facebook Page of the organizing association. The link for Facebook Page can be easily found on the association website/ conference website. Generally, the conference pictures are uploaded to the facebook page, one day after completion of the conference. In case you do not want your photos to be uploaded, please inform the conference coordinators not to click your photo and also keep yourself away from group photo.


Q. Where can I get the updated information about the conference?

You can find the most updated information about the conference on the conference website. Any further assistance can be sought at the email address, as mentioned on the conference website. We advice all participants to stay updated about the following:

  • Conference Venue Details
  • Paper/ Abstract Submission Deadline
  • Conference Schedule
  • Keynote/ Plenary Speakers


Q. What are the credentials of your Journal?

The papers are published in the associated conference journals. The associated journals are peer-reviewed and have following credentials:

  • Google Scholar
  • iThenticate (Plagiarism Detection)
  • DOI by CrossRef for each published article
  • Outbound Referencing by CrossRef
  • Scribd (Archiving)
  • Portico (Archiving)
  • DRJI Indexing
  • Index Copernicus


Q. Who can be a reviewer? Why is a paper reviewed? What is my role in the review process? In what circumstances, my paper can be rejected?

The editorial team will ask the authors to suggest 2 Reviewers. You need to submit the name, affiliation and official email address of these reviewers. They must be competent authorities from the subject area of your research article. These reviewers must agree to review your paper fairly and cooperate with the editorial team.

Generally, the editorial team sends each paper to 5-10 reviewers. Each paper is properly vetted for improving its quality before final publication.


Peer review is a positive process

Peer review is an integral part of scientific publishing that confirms the validity of the science reported. Peer reviewers are experts who volunteer their time to help improve the journal manuscripts they review- in a way they offer authors advice to publish a better quality paper.

Through the peer review process, manuscripts become:

  • More robust: Peer reviewers may point out gaps in your paper that require more explanation or additional experiments.
  • Easier to read: If parts of your paper are difficult to understand, reviewers can tell you so that you can fix them.
  • More useful: Peer reviewers also consider the importance of your paper to others in your field.

Of course, in addition to offering authors advice, another important purpose of peer review is to make sure that the manuscripts the journal eventually publishes are of high quality. If a journal publishes too many low-quality manuscripts, its reputation and number of readers will decline.


Editorial rejection

Your journal manuscript can be rejected if it:

  • Lacks proper structure
  • Lacks the necessary detail for readers to fully understand the authors' analysis
  • Has no new science
  • Does not clearly explain which parts of the findings are new science, versus what was already known
  • Lacks up-to-date references
  • Contains theories, concepts, or conclusions that are not fully supported by its data, arguments, and information
  • Does not provide enough details about materials and methods to allow other scientists to repeat the experiment
  • Lacks clear descriptions or explanations of:
    • Hypotheses tested
    • The experimental design
    • Sample characteristics and descriptive statistics
    • Describes poor experimental design, or faulty or insufficient statistical analysis
    • Has poor language quality
    • Is not corrected by the authors as per the review/ editorial comments within the stipulated time

Publication is a difficult process, and you must be prepared to defend your submission against rejection from both editors and peer reviewers. However, do not be too persistent. Generally, only one letter defending your submission will be accepted for each of the review stages (editorial review and peer review).



When revising your manuscript and responding to peer review comments:

  • Address all points raised by the editor and reviewers
  • Describe the revisions to your manuscript in your response letter
  • Perform any additional experiments or analyses the reviewers recommend (unless you feel that they would not make your paper better; if this is the case, explain why in your response letter)
  • Provide a polite and scientific rebuttal to any points or comments you disagree with
  • Differentiate between reviewer comments and your responses in the correction
  • Clearly show the major revisions in the text, either with a different color text, by highlighting the changes, or with Microsoft Word's Track Changes feature
  • Return the revised manuscript and response letter within the time period the editor tells you


Q. I may be interested in exhibiting my products and services at the event, or sponsoring the conference. Is there an opportunity to do this?

If you are interested in exhibiting or sponsoring the conference, please write to the conference secretariat for the same for further details of costs and availability.


Q. I want to bring my child/ friend/ relative/ colleague along with me.

You may bring your child/ friend/ relative/ colleague with you for accompanying and clicking your photos and videos. If they join us for coffee and lunch they have to pay a nominal fee as mentioned on registration page, along with your registration fee or on the venue to the conference coordinators.


Q. I/ my Organization want to propose a session in this conference.

If you would like to propose an organized session, please contact conference secretariat, including its subject and format along with minimum 5 presenters interested in attending the session.


Q. I/ We have to say something to you.

We understand that the participants may have some feelings/ inhibitions/ anxieties/ thoughts, which they want to share with us. We believe in ethics and humility, our participants are like friends for us. It is very important for us to understand your likes and dislikes. We promise you that we would do our utmost efforts to provide solution for your queries/ respond to your mails. Please feel free to contact us by Email. We believe in building trust and satisfaction in our stakeholders.