5 Interesting Trends to See Mobile Apps: The Next Big Thing?

More than half a year passed in 2016 and tweets, assumptions, research (even at Gartner are not spared) on the lively topic of mobile app development trends had their rumors and speculations almost perfect . Saying, what trends will come out and what won’t! How many trials landed?

Well, the laser dots of beginners we do not talk about here, but according to developers and expert opinions, we have reduced the most interesting and unexpected trends that are always moving in unpredictable lines. Let’s take a look:

Mobile application development trends Developers should consider:

• Mobile applications for on-demand delivery:

Uber’s business model has driven a surge in demand and has begun to gain strength in the mobile apps landscape. Whether it’s the food industry, daily travel and commuting, health, beauty, or service booking, on-demand delivery applications have taken center stage.

• Smart devices to master:

Although the market for smart watches and portable fitness equipment has been low in recent months, but the rate of adoption of portable devices in the market is much higher than predicted by experts a few years ago and we believe they are a novelty and that will definitely capture the people who know what to use them for. The biggest advantage of this segment that developers have is that portable devices have plenty of room for improvisation and this trend will definitely not fade.

• Switch to mobile application security:

Data is the golden dollar that, when lost, can lead to vulnerabilities. Developers should adopt the latest security practices and take strict measures to protect their application infrastructure and data. If we look back, iOS has always been a platform that has been recognized to provide maximum security to your applications without leaking confidential customer information and this is probably why it is considered one of the smartest and gadgets which companies charge. a very high price on their phones.

• World domination IoT (Internet of Things) continues:

We haven’t been far from hearing the concept of smart car, more or less, devices like Apple Watch and Google Glass have shown that the Internet of Things will include more opportunities to add advanced features to mobile apps. With rapid market penetration of IoT applications and portable devices, IoT will take mobility to the next level in the coming months.

• Be attached to the design of materials:

Last but not least, materials design, also known as UI / UX design trends, was, is and will be the perennial trend that maintains its eccentricity in the applications market. The beginnings or roots of material design lie in the concept of flat design, which has now become the standard of UI / UX design. The actual shape of the material designs can be felt in Google Drive, Gmail, YouTube, Google Maps, as well as in upcoming and existing versions of Android.

These were the most popular mobile app development trends that developers are predominantly hooked on and will definitely not sink in the following year. So go beyond conventional limits and explore what’s yet to come.