Can you Portmanteau?

I recently read an article in which the word satisfactory was used. The word intrigued me. According to the author, satisfaction is a combination of sufficient and satisfactory.
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This led me to explore whether there are other words expressed by combining the sounds and meanings of two existing words. I learned that such a complex word is called portmanteau. I’ve also found that there are a lot of portmanteaus we use on a daily basis, often not realizing it’s them.

A portmanteau is usually defined as a large trunk or suitcase that opens into two equal parts. However, Lewis Carroll gave it a new meaning in his book Through the Mirror, when Humpty Dumpty said, “Well,‘ slimy ’means‘ flexible and slimy ’and‘ mimsy ’is‘ fragile and miserable. ’It’s like portmanteau – two meanings are packed into one word. ”
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Some portmanteau words are very familiar and easy to deconstruct:

Background: back + acronym

Breathalyzer: breath + analyzer

Brexit: Britain + exit

Video camera: camera + recorder

Capsule: capsule + tablet

Glamping: glamorous + camping

Infomercial: information + advertising

Infotainment: information + entertainment

Inscape: interior + landscape

Internet: international + network

Malware: malware + software

Manscape: man + landscaping

Joint: melt + weld

Motel: motor + hotel

Motorcycle: motorized + bicycle

Netflix: internet + movements

Palimon: partner + alimony

Cork: plum + apricot

Simulcast: simultaneous + broadcast

Sitcom: situational + comedy

Between: teen + between

Wikipedia: wiki + encyclopedia

Some words of portmanteau are unknown, but they are still relatively easy to deconstruct:

Influenza: wealthy + flu

Prediction: anticipation + disappointment

Assumption: preventive + requiem

Screenager: screen + teenager

Some words are very familiar, but their expressions that can contribute can be surprising – at least they surprised me. For example, I never knew that the word blog consists of the web and a diary.
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Bit: binary + digit

Chortle: grin + snore

Cyborg: cybernetics + organism

Endorphin: endogenous + morphine

Twelve days: fourteen + nights

Gainsay: against + say

Garmin: Garry Burrell + Min Kao

Gerrymander: Gerry + salamander

Goodbye: God + be + with you

Groupon: group + coupon

Hassle: bargaining + arguing

Humongous: huge + monstrous

Incompetence: incompetent + attitude

Microsoft: microcomputer + software

Modem: modulation + demodulation

Muppet: puppet + doll

Pixel: image + element

Prissy: prim + curica

Skype: sky + peer-to-peer

Smog: smoke + fog

Taxi: taximeter + convertible

Travelogue: travel + monologue

Vitamin: vita + amine

WiFi: wireless + loyalty

There were some words I had never seen before. For example, I live in Wisconsin, where we have a lot of snow and ice, and I’ve never heard this word used in any weather forecast, snice: snow and ice.

Ambigram: ambiguous + gram

Automatic: automatic + magical

Flexitarian: vegetarian + flexible

Mizzle: fog + drizzle

Sporgery: spam + counterfeit

Stagflation: stagnation + inflation

And some words act like malapropisms when we first hear them, but they are actually real words; for example, refudiate: reject + refute.

I really wonder who originally came up with these words, why they felt the need to create them and how they were so smart!