Puzzles and innovations – they don’t really work anymore

Well, I have a pretty large personal library with over three dozen books on innovation. It’s amazing how everyone reads about the same thing and everyone has almost the same advice, especially when it comes to “brain art”. However, because of all the new social norms that are taught today at the faculty, where every question of the professor is met, no matter how stupid it may be; “A great question,” followed by a torturous unregulated English; “Okay, well …”, followed by the correct answer – it causes the same nonsense in brain sessions.

The only chance today at brainstorming that brings a brilliant original solution would be that there is someone in the group who is already a creative genius who can speak up, defend their concept from politically correct and status quo bias and personally persuade the group to indulge their idea. Yet this type of person is a true ‘Thought Leader’ and a legitimate thought leader hardly needs a brain group or any group at all.

Puzzles no longer work for innovation, and these days you can get better creativity in YouTube Cat Video. Nor do corporate R&D departments produce much given the huge sums of money they spend on the innovation process. Those who predict the future so that they can look in the mirror are not much better using their methodologies.

Innovation for the future and anticipation of the future

Take the Futurists of the World Society of the Future (WFS) as an interesting case study. WFS has seminars that will teach you how to think like a futurist, symposia with a special focus on trend projections and innovation. Isn’t it interesting how all WFS members are always on the same page and how their predictions are almost always incorrect (90% of the time)? Why is this? Maybe it’s because when you teach people to think a certain way, they lose the creative advantage or ability of original thinking at a high level because your thought process is limited to logical thinking (left-brain thinking) when students who want to focus on innovation, must be both left and right thinkers of the brain.

How are we going to return to an America that is robust in its original thinking and overwhelmed with new ideas – a nation that is so innovative that we cannot sustain even the rapid changes of our society and civilization? How can we lead the world into the future if we can’t even innovate our way out of plastic bags? Please consider all of this and think about it.